If The Temple

If the Temple is not Built

Music and Lyrics Written by Lenny Solomon



If the Temple is not built in our lives.

It’s as if it was burnt down.

If the Temple is not built in our lives.

Another generation down.


We have been so close – so many times.

Starting with the Torah at Har Sinai.

Three days away had we gone into the land.

The world would be perfect as God had planned.


But we listened to the spies who deceived us.

And we cried that God did not have our back.

So we wandered the desert for 40 years.  Chorus…


The Bet Hamkidash was built

Things were perfect for three years

And then it went bad.

Killing for no cause.


Idol Worship Infidelity.

First Temple was destroyed.

70 years of exile.  Chorus…


And so we await the redemption.

We wait with anticipation for Eliyahu Hanavi.

How can we change the facts on the ground.

We need a little basic human decency.  Chorus…