I Love My Shabbat

I Love My Shabbat (You are my Sunshine – Jimmy Davis and Charles Mitchell)

I love my Shabbat my special Shabbat it comes each week for every Jew

A day of rest and a day of family oh you know Shabbat we love you.


We’ll light the candles and make the kiddush we’ll make hamotzie and talk Torah

We will sing z’mirot have lots of company oh you know Shabbat we love you.


We go to shul and we hear the Torah there’s a Bar Mitzvah a big simcha

He read haftorah got an aliyah oh you know Shabbat we love you.


We are resting on Shabbat day now then we will learn some more Torah

We’ll go to mincha and eat seudat shlishit three meals on Shabbat yes its true!


Shabbat is going the sun is setting, new week’s beginning for me and you

We’ll make havdalah but don’t you worry, Shabbat will be here next week too. (repeat first verse)