I Keep Kosher

I Keep Kosher

I went to the store and what did I find

On the food I could see a kosher sign

‘Cause I only eat kosher ‘cause that’s the only way

The Torah tells us every single day

Oh I eat kosher; yeah I keep kosher – all the time


I walked down the aisle and I knew exactly what to do

There are lots of kosher signs especially the OU

Some of the signs even have a D.

That tells you that they are not meat – but they are Dairy

Oh I keep kosher; yeah I keep kosher – all the time


Some say it’s healthy – I say that may be so

Some say a better quality of life you will know

I say that don’t matter ’cause all that I do

I listen to the Torah ’cause I am a Jew

So come with me to the supermarket

We’ll walk around looking for that special kosher food target

‘Cause anything that’s got a kosher sign

Is fair game for our kosher design.

Oh I keep kosher; yes I keep kosher – all the time

That’s right I do – KP 613 I keep kosher