Himnon Orot


Himnon Orot (Words by Hamorah Chaya Schnitzer

And a group of girls from Orot Banot)


Ohr Oh-rot Ara-chim Vi-Chinuch

Oh-rot Simcha Vi-Chiyuch

Dar-keinu, He Derech HaOr

Al Digleinu Zeh Ha-Mizmor


Zu Mesima ViHavaya

BiDerech Sefarav Shel Haraayah

Derech Hashem, BiShaalei Torah

Tziyonut ViTahara


Al Sefateinu Techina

Zakeinu Litrom Lamedinah

BiHafatzat Ohr Niflah

LiKrat HaGeulah


Mishpacha Chibuk ViAhava

BiMaaseh U’ViMachshava

Anu KiFninah BVet Shemesh Ha’Olah

LiShem Uhl-tiferet Vi’Litehillah


Chorus – The light of lights, values and education

Lights, Hapiness and smiling

Our way is the path of light

Our flag is our song


This is our mission and our essence

According to the books of Harav Kook

The path of God, in “Shaalei Torah”

Zionism and Purity


On our lips is a prayer

We have merited to give to our nation

To spread the wonderful light

To greet the redemption


Family, Hugs and Love

In our actions and our thoughts

We are like a pearl in the developing city

Of Bet Shemesh

For the sake of Heaven, G-d’s Glory, and G-d’s Praise