High Holy Days – Song Download

Holy Days
Parody of Glory Days – Bruce Springsteen

Knew a boy he was a big baseball fan, back in high school.
He used to follow every player’s batting average, he knew each stat,
Boy he was cool, yeah. Then one day I saw him sitting on a stoop ,
I was walking by he was down and out.
He said I got tickets to that playoff game, but I’m not going ‘cause you know it falls out on the…

Chorus: High holy days they don’t pass you by
Holy days whether you live or you die
Holy days holy days

Knew a girl she could dance she could move better than anyone I’d ever seen.
The best ballet dancer in the neighborhood everyone knew she was the Queen girl.
Then there came a competition where she didn’t sign up I said girl why are you chickening out. She said it’s Rosh Hashana I’ll be dancing to G-d ‘cause that’s what life is all about.
On the ….Chorus

T’nite I’m going down to the Synagogue I’m gonna pray till I get fulfilled,
And I hope that I open the gates of heaven, if it will be G-d’s will yeah…
‘Cause there’ll come a time when we’re sitting in Jerusalem and everybody will know he’s supreme yeah…
When that day comes I will tell you for sure that the Messiah will not just be a dream on the …Chorus