Hello Mohel

Hello Mohel, Hello Kvater
Parody of Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh – Allan Sherman

Hello Mohel, Hello Kvater, Wheres the Sondak, Please don’t bother
Cause the Father’s busy fainting and the mother of the baby needs restraining
Called the bris for around 8:50 Rabbi got stuck in Mississippi
Eliyahu had a dinner so he sent a prophet who was a beginner

Someone cancelled all the tables, took the white fish, took the sable
And the bagels went really quickly leaving salad and a little bit of bisli
Uncle Irving and his sister found their way in every picture
The Shul members sat in the last row trying very hard not to get in the video

What’s the name, oh Mohel, Kvater, I’m in pain I cant remember,
What will she say for 9 months every day, we would discuss this everywhere
What’s the name, I have already bought him toys, and left the house with Uncle Roy.
Oh I know what you’ll say, You’ve had 8 whole days.

Wait a minute I’m recalling, no more waiting, no more stalling
We can go on with the proceedings, and then we’ll go downstairs and all start eating
We are finished with the naming, Mazal Tov is what they’re all saying
Naming kids can be so thrilling, Mohel, Kvater, see you next year God willing!