Havdalah Song Download

Parody of Obladi – The Beatles

JJ finishes Maariv in the shul tonite
Walks home just as fast as he can go
Kraz man gets the wine and spices from there place
And then I light the candle and we see it glow.

Chorus: Have a sip see the Light Have a sniff aah…
Lalala at havdalah

Shabbos is the most important day of all,
A day for friends and family you and G-d
When the day is over and you need a lift,
Why don’t you learn to make Havdalah it’s not hard. (Chorus)

In a couple of years you can say it all alone
But just for now call me after Shabbos, I’ll say it for you over the phone.

Now when Shabbos ends
you’ll know just what to do,
Before the movies or you go to dine.
To say Havdalah ‘fore you go is not a fuss,
Because it only takes a minute of your time. (Chorus)