Hands of Peace

Hands of Peace
Original music and lyrics by Mo Shapiro

We all are tied to preconceived notions,
About what has always been
and what is meant to be.
But if we open our minds and dedicate our hearts,
We’ll join together as one, in solidarity.

Chorus: Because the world keeps turning in circles,
While G-d keeps working his miracles,
So let’s all join hands, join together as one,
And form the hands of peace.

Our divided times are a thing of the past,
Let’s call it a truce, and make the future last.
We blindly subscribe, to views of our peers,
When hatred subsides, the truth becomes so clear.

We’ve got to heal the wounds,
We’ve got to heal them now.
The future could be bright,
If we could only learn,
To show each other how.