On Shabbos, We Drink Grape Wine
Parody of Heard It Through The Grapevine – M. Gaye

I guess that you already knew,
that G-d rested on the seventh too,
Now every Saturday from days of yore,
we stop working from the night before,
You shouldn’t be surprised that after praying,
it’s the Kiddush that we are saying.

Don’t you know that on Shabbos we drink grape wine,
Basar, dagim they are also fine,
Oh on Shabbos we drink grape wine,
Oh if we keep it, it’ll be a sign. (To Bring Mashiach now )
Al kain bay rach Hashem et yom hashabat vayikadeshayhu

The wine is used to sanctify,
The Sabbath that we hold so high,
Some people stand to show they testify,
The creation of the world outside,
You could make a Kiddush by yourself,
Or (have in mind) be yotzeh from someone else. Chorus…

Back in the desert what did Israel see,
On Friday double manna free,
It was protected by the morning dew,
So we cover bread on Shabbos too,
But on the Sabbath, none did fall,
Because G-d rested and so do we all. Chorus…