God Sent Us Email

God Sent Us Email (Original Music and Lyrics L. Solomon/D. Salkin/A. Krasna)

Logged on to email just the other day
Had the craziest thing in my inbox I just gotta say
I looked at this email the delete I went to press
It wouldn’t let me erase it, and had no return address
He talks to us. He is directing us. Can you feel Him?

I got another email then a second then five more
Someone trying to reach me like knocking on my door
I opened the email a text with a web link
Return receipt requested – really made me think
He talks to us. He watches over us. Can you feel Him?

You never are alone down here He always is around
He’s there for you when you are up and even when you’re down
So when things happen that I can’t explain and I still might not know why
I know that God is interactive so I’ll just hit reply.

God sent us email He said I’ve told you what to do
I left you the commandments – now the choice is up to you
God sent us email and every single day
We can open up the book of life and choose the right way
He talks to us. He’s always testing us.
Can you see Him? Can you feel Him?
Can you hear Him? Do you want to?