Give a Tenth



You make your money so very well.

It’s time to share it we think it’s swell,

That you’ve decided,decided to give.

Give a Tenth…..


We’ve got a Tzedaka it helps the poor,

This ones for fixing the synagogue door,

Here’s one supporting all those who learn so,

Give a Tenth


There are eight levels of charity,

Like giving a person anonymously,

But it’s important to know from the start,

Just open your wallet and give from the heart,


Charity:Maimonides writes that there are many different ways of

giving charity;For instance Giving someone a job,or helping someone get

back on their feet, so that they won’t need charity in the future.And

there are many worthy causes that need your help.But whether your giving

clothes to a new Russian Immigrant or volunteering your time in a

Hospital,or writing out a check to your favorite cause,the important

thing to remember is to give.


To widows and orphans we give without fail,

This ones for the Ani in Yisroel.

This ones for the eiruv,this one the Mikvah,

Now listen closely to words of Torah,


The more you deposit the more you receive,

Cause G-D will reward you,this we all believe,

You’ve gotta contribute and from what you have learned

please Give a Tenth.