Get The Feeling

Get The Feeling

Music by Lenny Solomon and Mo Shapiro

Lyrics by Lenny Solomon and Shmuel Laser


It’s been a long long time, we yearn for him to come,

It’s been a long long wait,we pray for him each day,

After two thousand years, we say ani maamin

There can be no mistake, the mikdash on its way.


Chorus:Here’s our bags, they’re all packed, come on in, naaseh v’nishma,

Here’s our tefillah, for moshiach,

Spread the message through our deeds, get the feeling.

Make us worthy, for moshiach

Love our neighbor like ourselves, live our tefillah.


We cover up our eyes, we go at our own pace,

We try to rectify, the world and his place,

We’ve heard so many lies, we’ve lost so many lives,

So many sanctified, they wouldn’t compromise.  chorus……