From a Soldier To a Healer

From a Soldier to a Healer
Words and Music by Lenny Solomon

On a dangerous mission in West Beirut
Where no one was expected to survive
Buildings falling and snipers firing
In ninety seconds he won’t be alive

It was out of his hands, he was not in control
Concrete in the air bullets flying
Watching the plan coming apart
Comrades wounded or dying

Stuck behind enemy lines
There was no place to go for this secular Jew
So he turned to the heavens asked God for help
When he heard a voice that said

Chorus: Eliezer Refael don’t worry my son
We will get you out but your job here is done
Lay down your weapons we will save you now
Then it’s time for you to change your life

From a soldier to a healer
You’ll be a spiritual leader
Fighting darkness with holy light
Teaching us wrong from right

Suddenly came a plane overhead
How that F-15 did roar
Then an ambulance made a wrong turn
And ended up at his door

He went on to finish his mission
When he got home he’d start anew
Learning then guiding the world with his wisdom
Teaching the way that’s true

Now he helps everyone that he meets
Blazing a trail with the faith that he spreads
And every now and then he’ll think back to the time
When he heard the voice that said…Chorus