Every Bite You Take

Every Bite You Take
Parody of Every Breath You Take – The Police

Every Bite You Take, Every Steak You Make
Every Cake You bake, Every egg you break, We’ll be watching you.

Every single day, there’s no other way
It’s gotta be Kosher now, you can all learn how, We’ll be watching you.

Oh can’t you see O.U. it’s gotta be,
Triangle or Chaf K – There all the proper way.

Any “red rose”, any type sorbet,
any cheese souffle, any liver pate, we’ll be watching you.

Since you’ve gone I cleared out some extra space
Two sets of dishes are left in there own place
I looked around one for milk and one for fleish
By mixing them them you could leave a real bad taste.
I keep crying separate them please.

Oh can’t you see O.U. it’s gotta be, B.D. in R.S.A.
In Montreal M.K.