Do You Know Your Hebrew Name

Do you know your Hebrew Name
Parody of Their Ain’t nothin like a Dame – South Pacific

We’ve got Shmuel we’ve got Dan ,
We’ve got Malka and Shani
We’ve got Nachum and Shoshana
we’ve got Pinchas and Dasi
We’ve got Talia, Shaul and Shlomi and Ayelet and Re’em
What have we got? Our Hebrew names

We got Tamar and Yahalom, Avigayil and Merom,
We got Tzvi Hersh and Yisachar
And Vered which means Rose,
We got Leshem Dalia Golda We have Izzy and Yisrael
Did you know Chezi’s short for Yechezkel!

Someone who passed on may be
who you will pick the babies name for
Cause the name can continue for generations
or at least into the next dor.

Chorus – Do you know your Hebrew name
given to boys and girls
You can carry on the flame
when your saying your Hebrew name

We see Netanya and Yonit, We see Ronen and Ravit,
We see Meital and Revital Maayan and Carmit
We see Hinda and Gilad Gavriella and Ehud
Yoav and Yochanan, Are all real good!

I’ll Let you know that Nechemiah is my brother,
And there is one particular nickname like Eli that could be
Eliav Eliana Elisha Eliahu Elisheva or Eliezer. Chorus

Power comes right from the name, given in this world
Hashem pops it in your brain it’s the prophecy of the name!

There is somethin’ spiritual to the power of a Hebrew name…Whistling

So suppose that your Moroccan or from Yemen or Sepharadi,
They name after the living as an honor to the family,
But you don’t have to worry if this custom you have not
There are still a lot of names that you have got

You can carry on the flame when your saying your Hebrew name

Lots of books which have names, where you can look for a name.
Think up a new name, the Torahs read she’ll be named,
At a brit he’ll be named, After traits you can name.
If there’s something wrong with anyone here
Can be cured by adding a name – it’s clear A Hebrew, biblical, Jewish, family name