Come Home

Come Home (Original Music and Lyrics by L. Solomon)

Your morning papers on the outside stoop
Like it is every single day
Every morning you come down stairs
You drink your coffee while the sky is still gray.

Start with the sports did your team win again
Follow the stocks was there an IPO
Are you thinking of us, and are you planning to come
Should you stay or should you go…. Chorus

Chorus: Come home we need everyone
Come home from your foreign land
There’s only one place that you will be welcome
Come home, united we’ll stand.

We went to dinner with a couple of friends
The other night at the King David
Spoke to the waiter I asked him how’s the biz
He said take a look around – that’s just how it is.

Right now our streets are real empty you see
And what the tour guides are saying to me
Is that they’re not coming now – everyone is afraid
Of what they’re seeing on TV. Chorus

And God spoke to Abraham
Pick up and move to the Promised Land
You might have it good as far as you see
But this is the safest place for you to be. Chorus…