Cholent Street

Cholent Street

Written by Lenny Solomon


Oh Mrs. Rosenberg is always giving Tzedakah, Rabbi Davis gives a shiur from two to three

Yanky’s teaching little Shira to say a  Bracha, Before she eats her Ice Cream Cone you see.

No one says anything to make you angry, Cause that might cause some tension in the air

And if there’s any time at all that your in trouble, On Cholent street they definitely care.


Chorus:On Cholent Street there can be no mistake

Only Mitzvot are done and everybody feels great

On Cholent street Chesed is everyone’s job on Cholent Street


On Cholent Street no matter where you come from

You’ll always fit in you’ll feel like you’re number one.

On Cholent street no one feels alone on Cholent Street.


I see that they’ve expanded the Bet Sefer, And the Daf Yom Shiur is given hourly

Anytime you want to find a seder, Go down to Cholent Street Definitely.

Cholent Street is never ever dirty, People pick up trash as they walk along.

And when they pass you by their always courteous, Because they know that’s why we sing this song.  Chorus…


Only good things happen on Cholent Street…..