Called Michal

I’ll Be Called Michal
Parody of You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

Amanda Rosenstein says I’m about to be Bat Mitzvah now
I’m about to be Bat Mitzvah now, teach me some words of Torah
No folio of securities, don’t need a fancy reception
Don’t even want a big party with lots of party favors
No limo, no limo, hot dogs in a blanket,
Don’t throw away give it to the poor
Nix the disc jockey disc jockey
don’t want you to waste any money
You know I find this stuff confusing I want more

Chorus – If you’ll be my study guide, I can be a mitzvah gal
I can call you Rebbe and Rebbe when you call me
I’ll be called Michal

Amanda Rosenstein says give me the right direction
Gotta show me the right direction,
to know what’s right and what’s wrong
Teach me the laws of charity, when is the New Year
Now I’ve read Aristotle, but who was the Vilna Gaon, on
Slept twenty minutes daily,
an 18th century scholar in the Torah world
So much to learn, learn about miracles and tragedies,
’bout Ruth and Lamentations (Chorus)

Amanda Rosenstein, is married to Tzvi Greenwald
Baby boy and two girls, they live in Jerusalem now
Hebrews their language, shekels the new currency
They’re in the Holy Land, they take a walk into the town, town
Hear chatter in the marketplace, Sephardim selling oranges
It’s holy ground, ground, they see sages in the archways
Synagogues for eternity, here’s a minyan we can go to (Chorus)