Breishit Again

Breishit Again (Michael Finnigan –Traditional)


After Simchat Torah we read Braishit again,

Then every Shabbat a new parasha and then,

We go through the year and have a big party when,

We finish V’zot Habracha and start Breishit again.


On Rosh Hashana we start the New Year again,

We pray to Hashem to give us a great din and then,

While in shul we’ll pray and sing again,

Then we’ll go and eat and start the New Year again.


Every day it’s Daf Yomi time again,

We started Brachot and learned one page a day and then,

For over seven years we’ll do this with all our friends,

When the cycle ends we’ll start Daf Yomi again.


All our year is filled with holidays and then,

Rosh Hashana to Succot to Chanukah again,

Tu Bishvat to Purim, Pesach and Shavuot and when,

We finish the year and start it again my friends. (repeat first verse)