Birthright Anthem – JJ’s Song

Birthright Anthem – JJ’s Song
Words and Music by Lenny Solomon

We’ve come from all over the world
To the land where our ancestors walked
We’re here with flags unfurled
To live, to share and to talk

We believe in community, we pledge solidarity
To bond, to unite together, to give and to receive

Chorus: It’s our Birthright, It’s our destiny
To come back to our land unlock the mystery
It’s our Birthright, It’s our unity
Learning and growing from our history

For 10 days we will explore
The land for the very first time
Hearing the language, singing the songs
Feeling the rhythm and rhyme

We bring you diversity from all nationalities
To bond, to unite together to give and to receive. Chorus…

We’re going to strengthen our ties with our brothers and sisters
And when it’s all over we’ll be back again and again and again and again. Chorus…