Look Around, Here they loot and pillage Olden days go back to Shinar
Look Around lots of different people walking up to say

Build More Build More Build More Build More Build More
There was one nation and one spoken language After the flood life should be swell
But instead the people came, had to fight with God again they decide to build a tower in Bavel

Yes Nimrod Sir? We have a job to do
We cant stop I am going for the ultimate glory I’m talking a war with God and –
We’ll fight you’ll see! The bricks! Hurry up!

What have we here I see one single nation unfazed attracted they all jell
Want to fight with God somehow But this He will not allow
They’ll be trying to destroy God in Bavel
Build More, Today, 1000 stories? Build more, Today, This is our life
I need more bricks, Don’t make it fancy, We must wage war on God in this life

A Report from Bavel…It’s forming I will be ruler of the world tomorrow
We’re holding steady…Now don’t let me down. Have you got enough glue?
Ha Ha! Look at this tower today. Out of sight. And tomorrow . . . . . Almost Done
Almost Done? Then we will really fight!
Well, then lets savor it! Keep the paces, building at night, cannot fail, we will be very wise –
Put the finishing touch and, it’s war! Yes sir! We will not dessist. [
Well, thank you. Now get me some more mud!

Now we all know that God would have to do here They were not sad when people fell
But they cried till they were sick if they dropped just one small brick Because only one thing mattered in Bavel Oh,and they weren’t lazy They worked so hard all night for free. That’s what was so alarming
Here we have a lesson in the power of unity

God came down yonder and he ended their duty And mixed their language up as well
They could talk and they could prod But you know you cant fight God So everyone dispersed at once
Yes Everyone dispersed at once Yes, everyone dispersed at once Bavel

Well! You gave it your best shot, Nimrod! You were the greatest warrior in the whole world!
I know. No being alive could come close to beating you. Ha ha ha! But God, that’s another matter.
I know it’s true. It seems in hindsight we should have followed that Abraham
Y’mean follow his orders? He’s the Chosen one – the one who came out of the fire. But he’s –
The One that God loved the most. I know, but –
Now we are just one of the rest. And do we want to be one of the rest?
No, of course! I mean the Jews, but –

Right from that moment there has been mesorah, The first exile was there as well
Out of this locality came the Talmud called Bavli The Oral Torah came right from Bavel
I’m sure you know when we are worthy Moshiach comes – we’ll hear the lute
We will not part from speaking Hebrew Every other language will be in the shoot

Bracha, Parshah, Glidah, Mayvee, When are they praying? Bli Shum Chayte!
Shayndee, Ten yad, Ophir, ‘slicha, Ehyfoh Nerot, Pray for me Too!
Breirah, Trufot, Tzalul!, Bavel!, Galut Mitzrayim, We’re Leaving Soon

We must get God back into our life! It’s time to get along please no more strife!
We’re living in a world of change and ritual First come the pains where we all yell
With Gods pity no more sin Moshiach’s coming in But get along inside this world
Our duty is to get along Learn our lesson straight from old Bavel – Build More (6X)