Baruch Hagever

Baruch Hagever / Deuteronomy
Baruch Hagever Original Song – Amudei Sheish Boys Choir 1979
Deuteronomy – Parody of Do You Love Me – The Contours – 1962

Baruch Hagever Asher Yiftach Bashem V’Haya Hashem Miftacho.
(Blessed is the man who trusts in G-d, then G-d will be his security)

Deuteronomy – Deuteronomy
Ecclesiastes – Ecclesiastes
Book of Jubilees – Book of Jubilees
Now it’s Time to Learn

Learn Learn – Learn some Zachariah
Learn Learn – Learn some Jeremiah
Learn Learn – Learn some Obadiah

Do The Lubavitcher Twist – The Lubavitcher Twist
Shake it up Zeide Now – Shake it up Zeide
Ain’t Gonna Work on Saturday – No I wont! No I wont!
Big Gedaliah Gumber – Big Gedaliah Gumber
Teach Me, Teach Me, Teach Me, Teach Me