Baba Sali

9. Baba Sali
Parody of Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers
Written by Lenny Solomon

He was born Rosh Hashono 5650
Abba was a Rabbi in a big Morrocan city
They learned kabbalah and plenty of gemara
Prayer was his power, people came to get a bracha
This reverent Jew would use his tongue as a vital cure
Watching his words would make his prayers succeed much more

Bless the water, miracle provider
Arabs came for blessings and for coins he gave tzedakah
Rosh yeshiva, Rav of the kehillah
Said we’d be ok if we only did teshuvah
Learned straight through battles, he knew we would survive
Prayed to keep us alive

Chorus: Baba Sali bless us please, God fulfills righteous decrees
Baba Sali pray for me, We know praying is the key, yeah yeah

Turned the lever, not afraid to enter
Shamas would not come for the danger of a specter
But the aim of Yisrael Abuchatzeira
Prayers would begin just like “Ari” before ya…
He came to Lod then Netivot is where he went
Lived there until his last breath. Chorus…

Jews came from everywhere to you, Jews knew that all you did is true
Your tales and stories really grew, You made us glad glad glad

Watch for later, geulah anticipator
Hands on the 12 no need for us to wait (a)
He was wheeled doctor said it’s over
Walking to the phone after he accepted Torah
Doled out the blessings, he was helping all those who asked
At 94 he did pass – prayers did last