Aseh Lecha Rav

Aseh Lecha Rav

As-eh le-cha rav u-ki-nay le-cha cha-ver ve-heh-vay dan et kol ha-a-dam li-kaf zi-chut

Ani ma-a-min be-em-u-nah she-lay-ma bi-vi-at ha-mo-shi-ach ani ma-a-min

Vi-af al pee She-yit-ma-may-ah im kol zeh ach-ak-eh lo b’chol yom she-ya-vo


Provide yourself with a teacher, get yourself a companion and judge all men favorably (Pirkei Avot 1-6)

I believe with complete faith in the coming of the messiah and even though he may delay

Nevertheless I anticipate every day that he will come (Rambam Principle number 12)