All Shook Up – Download

All Shook Up
Parody of All Shook Up – Elvis Presley

Well I’m blessin’ this thing it looks like a tree.
I’ve got my esrog the Torah calls it a Pree
Seven Days a year people bless with me
It’s my lulav, It’s all shook up.

Right before Succos people go and meet.
Buy a lulav and esrog right off a the street.
Kids seem to think it’s a real big treat.
When their lulav, gets all shook up.

Well the aravos look nice and hadasim fine.
The esrog smells like a lemon or a lime.
I go to Shul put my lulav in hand .
My friends say they’ve got the finest in the land.

(Chorus) Well keep the leaves cool or they will rot.
Pitom off the esrog and kosher it’s not.
Follow these rules and you will use it a lot,
It’s your lulav it’s all shook up.

Well some shake to the right and then to the left.
In the middle of Hallel is when it’s done best.
No matter how you shake it when Hoshana Rabbas here.
Don’t need it anymore buy another next year.(chorus)