Aliyah Dream

Aliyah Dream
Written by Lenny Solomon

Well the streets are going up in Bet Shemesh
And the roads are being paved with my dreams
The lights of the city are still not far away.

Well the sun is beating down in the valley
I see the mountains smile as I drive by
Got my head in the clouds but my feet planted on the ground.

Chorus: This is my aliyah dream and it’s coming true
I know I’ve found my place here as a Jew.
This is my aliyah dream for my family
Come on in be part of history.

Every day’s another adventure
I’m getting closer all the time to fitting in
I’ll take the challenge, I know that I’m gonna win.

Everybody does their share of complaining
But it’s time for the work to begin
Each one has a purpose,
just gotta figure out what it is. chorus……

Now the sun is setting down in Bet Shemesh
I see colors like no one’s ever seen
In the street kids are playing, without a care in the world.

And as darkness covers over the valley
You never know who’s gonna drop in
Just put up some coffee, life is better than it’s ever been. chorus…….