Aleph Bet Rap

The Aleph Bet Rap

Written by Lenny Solomon


Well boys and girls the time is near, let’s learn some Hebrew and have no fear,

Get it down good and then your set, the way to go is the Aleph Bet.

The hebrew letters number twenty two, they’re all great fun you know it’s true,

So rap with with us the Aleph Bet crew and learn the language of the Jews.


Chorus: Well it’s the Aleph Bet Rap and here’s how it goes,

Aleph Bet Gimel Daled Hay Vav Zayin Chet Tet Yud Kaf Lamed Mem Nun                       Samech Ayin Pay Tzadi Kuf Resh Shin Sin Tuf.. It’s the Aleph Bet Rap.


Kitah is class that’s where you’ll be, morah’s the teacher who you’ll see,

Delet’s the door you’ll walk inside, the more you learn the more you’ll fill with pride.

Kisay’s the chair you’ll sit upon, Shulchan’s the table your book is on,

Rap with with us the Aleph Bet crew, and learn the language of the Jews….Chorus