Aishet Chayil

Aishet Chayil
Parody of Pretty Woman – Roy Orbison

Aishet Chayil, Devorah’s bravery.
Aishet Chayil, Prophet and Judge was she.
Aishet Chayil, Barak we need you, to save the Jews
Because you asked I will come too. Devorah

Aishet Chayil, Sisra said I’ll hide.
Aishet Chayil, Yael said come inside.
Aishet Chayil, Now here’s a drink, Now go to sleep,
And you will pay for your bad deeds. Yael

Aishet Chayil, Chana had no one.
Aishet Chayil,she prayed for a son.
Aishet Chayil,she was sent home by Eli.
Aishet Chayil, do not fear,
Hashem will answer you and it is clear,
Aishet Chayil, had Shmuel Hanavi.
He led the people to do what’s right,
Found Saul and David two kings of might.

Aishet Chayil, Rachav’s alibi,
Aishet Chayil, I didn’t know they’re spies,
Aishet Chayil, they went away hey,
Ok, now you must wait three days Ok,
I’ll be in my home it’s safe.
When you come back just wait,
What will you see. The ribbon you gave me,
yeah will protect my family, Oh Oh Aishet Chayil