Achat Shtayim Rap

Achat Shtayim Rap

Written by Lenny Solomon



Well boys and girls it’s time again, to rap with me and count to ten.

Last time we did the Aleph Bet, but now it’s numbers c’mon we’ll be set.

Now you might say it’s not so hard, yo count to ten no way I’m bored.

But this time in Hebrew we will try, on your mark, c’mon let’s fly.


Chorus: Achat Shtayim Shalosh Arbah Chamesh Shesh Sheva Shmoneh Tesha Eser.


Not bad for the first time my yeladim Ivrit is getting easier ani maskim.

That’s I agree for those who don’t know tochnit is a program hatzaga is a show.

Hofaah’s a concert you might attend, kaletet is a tape, et is a pen.

What’s that, what’s that, in Hebrew again, ok chaver that means here goes my friend….Chorus


Now just in case you need some review let’s do the Aleph Bet for me and you.

That’s one more time the Aleph Bet and then the numbers again so then we’re set.

Aleph Bet Gimel Daled Hey Vav Zayin Chet Tet Yud Kof Lamed Mem Nun Samech Ayin Pay Tzadik Kuf Reish Shin Sin Tuf. …Chorus


Achat Shtayim Rap and the Aleph Bet Review l’hitraot to you.