Parody of Amadeus – Falco

Let’s go save the Jews oh Esther
Let’s go save the Jews oh Mordechai
Let’s go save the Jews Achashverosh, Achashverosh

Dateline Persia Haman plots to kill the Jews.
He makes the thirteenth of Adar the day when all the Jews will die.
Esther and Mordechai decide the Jews must fast for three days.
Esther goes to see King Achashverosh without an appointment.
Esther invites King Achasverosh to a party with Haman attending.
Meanwhhile Haman makes a fifty foot tree intended for Mordechai.
At the first party Esther invites Achashverosh and Haman to a second party.
This time Esther tells Achashverosh of a plot to kill her people.
Achashverosh asks who is this wicked person who wants to kill the Jews.
Esther answers it is Haman and he is standing right there.
Later Haman is hung on the same tree meant for Mordechai.
And in 1987 Shlock Rock sings all about Purim in a song called….(Chorus)