Chanukah Lesson Plan

Chanukah Lesson Plan
The Shlock Rock Song Chanukah Night’s Alright For Lighting is a parody of the Elton John song Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting and is found on Bring Back That Shabbos Feeling. The song gives a brief recapping of the Chanukah story and a review of many of the laws of lighting Chanukah candles. This lesson plan is a review lesson. Thank you Rachel Salkin for the ideas.

Aim: To review the laws of Chanukah lighting.

Target Age: Grades 4-6

Time : one lesson

You Will Need:

The Shlock Rock song Chanukah Night’s Alright for Lighting
Tape recorder
Copies of the worksheet
Copies of the song (optional)

Circle the correct answer:

1. Where do we light Chanukah candles?
a) by the window
b) by the shabbat candles

2. When do we light Chanukah candles?
a) at night
b) in the morning

3.In what direction do we set up the candles?
a) from the right
b) from the left

4.In what direction do we light the candles?
a) from the right
b) from the left

5. Who lights the candles?
a) only the men
b) everyone

6. Can you read by the light of the candles?
a) yes
b) no

7. On Friday what do we light first?
a) Shabbat candles
b) Chanukah candles

8. How long must the candles burn?
a) all night
b) for 30 minutes

9. After Shabbat what do you do first?
a) Havdalah
b)Chanukah candles


Hand out the worksheet and ask the class to read the questions and circle the correct answer. The students check their answers with a friend. Then play the song and while they are listening tell the class to check their answers. The teacher goes over all of the laws of lighting.