New Release Shlock Rock 39 – New Shul

It’s here! The 15th parody album and the 39th Lenny Solomon/Shlock Rock project since the band began back in January 1986.

New Shul is out and is available right here on Thanks to the 4 Corners Project, the Shlock Rock mission of spreading Jewish pride, identity and awareness continues!

Check it out with the new original Hebrew Album “The Lenny Solomon Project – Shira Yetaira. That came out in January.

Plus on Feb 24th we released a new music video on You Tube.

Also – look for another new video release in April! Enjoy everyone! Please go to the 4 Corners Project and support the cause of Informal Jewish Education through music and media!


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  1. I downloaded the new Shlock Rock album , but don’t know how to access it. I usually use iTunes
    Can you please direct me? Thank you
    Beth heller

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