Happy 58th Birthday Lenny and 33rd Birthday Shlock Rock!

Hi everyone!!! Today is Lenny’s 58th birthday and this month marks the 33rd year since the first Shlock Rock album Learning is Good was created! Truly a miraculous month! For all of those reading this – send Lenny a Happy Birthday email at And for his birthday present, he would like you to watch this short YouTube video!

Introducing The 4 Corners Project

Ok did you watch? So now what do you do? Simple! Partner with us!

Partner With Us!
Just go to and click on donate!

And please just pass the newsletter and the link on. We all know what the real world is like. You want your family to have great Jewish content. You want them to grow up listening and watching projects about Jewish
pride, identity and, awareness. You want them to learn without knowing they are learning!

There are a lot of amazing projects on the agenda for this coming year.
So, everyone, it’s time to “Unlock the Shlock!”

What Is on the Agenda for This Year?

We are just starting the fourth year of our Not for Profit Organization
“The 4 Corners Project.” What is truly amazing about this organization, is that it enables Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock to continue a most important mission! So fellow Shlock Rockers, take a look at all the projects
planned for this year!

January 2019 Shira Yetaira released! This is the 38th Shlock Rock/Lenny Solomon album. It is the eighth original Hebrew album of Lenny’s career. It is a fantastic, fantastic album!

February 2019 The video “Shake Hands with your Uncle Max” will be released on February 19th which is Purim Katan! In this leap year that we have two months of Adar, it means double fun! So enjoy this cover of Alan Sherman’s song redone by Lenny and the band!

March 2019 The 39th Shlock Rock Album will be released! It is a parody album which includes 12 new songs which are 10 parodies, one original song, and one cover song!

April 2019 The second music video, “Transnistria,” will be released! This video explores the story of the 430,000 Jews from Romania that were killed during the Holocaust.

May 2019 The movie trailer for Daniel in Babylon will be filmed.

June 2019 The Jewish Pride Hip Hop Special will be filmed featuring Etan G The Jewish Rapper!

July 2019 The Daniel in Babylon trailer will be released!

August 2019 The new webisode will be released during the month of Elul.

September 2019 The third video of the year will be released two weeks before Rosh Hashana.

October 2019 The fourth video of the year will be released for Succot.

November 2019 The 40th Lenny Solomon/Shlock Rock album, which is an all English original album, will be recorded.

December 2019 The Jewish Pride Hip Hop Special, as well as the fifth and final video for the year, will be released.

Your Job for the Years 2019-2021:

If you read the last paragraph then you know that Lenny has quite an ambitious year planned. To recap, Lenny and Shlock Rock plan to release:

6 Song Parodies
5 Music Videos
A Jewish Pride Hip Hop Special
A Hebrew Album
A New Movie Trailer for the Musical Daniel in Babylon
A New Webisode

And that does not even include making lesson plans for the existing 520 Shlock Rock/Lenny Solomon songs!

So what can you do? The budget of these projects is $450,000 per year.
That means that, if 12,500 Shlock Rock fans give $36 a year, we are funded. If 6,250 Shlock Rock fans give $72 a year, we are funded. If 4,500 Shlock Rock fans give $100 a year, we are funded, and so on.

Over the last 33 years, Lenny Solomon and Shlock Rock have reached hundreds of thousands of Jewish people. If you know someone who grew up listening to Shlock Rock, please pass this message along.

What About Future Shows?

What if you want to bring Shlock Rock to your community? Alternatively, what if you want Lenny Solomon to be a musical scholar in residence for Shabbat followed by a Saturday night performance? All you have to do is send an email to and it will be done! You can
stay informed of everything that is happening at

Thank you!
Thank you for all your help! Keep on Shlocking!

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