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Purim Lesson Plan

Thanks to Elke Kagan for her ideas.

The Shlock Rock song Achashverosh is a parody of the song Amadeus and is found on Shlock Rock 2: Purim Torah and Shlock Rock 10 Greatest Hits:The Early Years. The song outlines almost the whole story of Purim. This lesson plan is designed to follow a lesson on Megillat Esther.

Target Age: grades 5-8

Suggested Time: 60 minutes

You Will Need:

the Shlock Rock song Achashverosh

tape recorder

song sheets (optional)



Step 1
Divide your class into groups and have them write the story of Purim from memory.

Step 2
Play the song to the class. They listen and compare the song to their stories. What details from the Megillah are missing in the Shlock Rock song?

  • Bigtan and Teresh
  • Achashverosh's sleepless night
  • Haman leading Mordechai on a horse.
  • The hanging of Haman's sons.

Step 3
The groups rewrite the Shlock Rock song using their megillot for reference. They should try and include the complete story.

Step 4
The groups take turns performing their new songs.

You can play the song as many times as you like and can hand out the lyrics at the end of the lesson