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March 2017

Check out  The fabulous new
website of Lenny Solomon.  His Not for Profit organization
with the mission of Jewish Continuity and Jewish Education.
The organization will fund projects with the purpose of
reaching the Jewish people scattered to the four corners
of the world through music and media!  Check it out and donate!
In the era of file sharing and free downloads - this will keep the work of Shlock Rock going!

November 2015

Lenny Solomon appeared in his first ever crossword puzzle in
the Jerusalem Post this past Friday's November 13th Edition!

In the no last name crossword puzzle the clue for 23 across was

He really knows how to Shlock! 

ReJewVenated a New Webisode!

We have just Released a new Webisode for you to watch!
This features Lenny Solomon, Etan G and Avi Frier.  Enjoy!

Minyan Man Video - Shlock Rock Feat. The Maccabeats

Here is the latest music video of the song Minyan Man.  This
classic song was remade on the Shlockapella album and it
features Lenny Solomon and the Maccabeats!


The 36th Album Shlockapella was released on March 11!
This fabulous new release has 18 tracks and almost one hour
of music.  One of the tracks features the Maccabeats and Lenny Solomon combining to record Minyan Man - one of the classic Shlock Rock hits.

Here is the You Tube Link for the video

Become a Member!

We need  your mandate to create!  We know Shlock Rock has been a part of your childhood and upbringing for you and your childrena and possibly grandchildren.  If you become a member you will enable us to continue to put out music and other fantastic programing on a  regular basis!  There are four membership levels....$36, $100, $250 and $1000.

Click on this link and become a part of the Shlock Rock Family!

Talk to you all soon - Lenny

There are 18 You Tube Videos released from Shlock Rock! 

1) Ani Yehudi

2) We’ve Got A Strong Desire

3) Minyan Man - Shlock Rock Feat. The Maccabeats

4) Kosher Cake


5) Leah's Song – And I Will Pray

6) Walkin The Land

7) A Shabbat in Liverpool CD Trailer

8) Am Yisrael Lanetzach – Lenny Solomon

9) It’s Chanukah Night - Lenny Solomon and Etan G

10) Satisfied


11) Generations

12) NSN Kosher Halftime Show – Lenny Solomon appears on the Nachum Segal Network

Kosher Halftime Show as an alternative to the Super Bowl.

13) Another Door Opens

14) Seltzer Boy – A cover of Allan Sherman’s Seltzer Boy and Lenny’s salute to Soda Stream!

15) Behind The Scenes Walkin The Land

16) Aliyah Dream – Shlock Rock Live in Bet Shemesh Rock and Soul Festival October 2003

17) Am Yisrael Chai – Shlock Rock Live in Bet Shemesh Rock and Soul Festival October 2003

18) Accordion in the Sukkah



Leah's Song: And I Will Pray
New Video Release!  

Walkin the Land
New Video Release!
    Behind the Scenes
    Walkin the Land

Check out these awesome pictures of Lenny accompanying the TOP bagpipe player in Israel!