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29th Anniversary Song Giveaways!

Welcome to the Shlock Rock 29th Anniversary Song Giveaway!
In honor of the 29th B-Day Celebration of Shlock Rock we are giving away 29 songs
over the next 15 Weeks!!!

In Week Four of our giveaway we are turning to God Sent Us Email
a 2001 release and presenting to you the Shlock Rock Hora!  This is
a fantastic medley of Shlock Rock hits for your listening pleasure!!!

For Download (Right Click on Download link and Save)
Name Size Download
Kotel_In_The_Night-ShlockRock.mp3 3.59 MB Download
08 - Learning Dance - Shlock Rock.mp3 2.44 MB Download
05 - The Tug - Shlock Rock.mp3 1.61 MB Download
06 - Eliyahu - Shlock Rock.mp3 4.56 MB Download
10 - Esa Einai - Shlock Rock.mp3 3.13 MB Download
09 - Kohaim - Shlock Rock.mp3 2.94 MB Download
04 - David Went up to Goliath - Shlock Rock.mp3 3.28 MB Download
07 - The Shlock Rock Hora - Shlock Rock.mp3 4.92 MB Download