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Band Personel

Lenny Solomon is the lead singer, and also plays keyboards, accordion and harmonica. He was born in New York City and lived in Queens until he made aliya in 1996. He lives in Bet Shemesh, a small town between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, with his wife Gillian, and their two children. Lenny comes from a long line of cantors going back many generations. Lenny's first band was Kesher, a contemporary Jewish pop group formed by Lenny in 1983. Kesher (which in Hebrew means connection), released albums in March 1984, June 1985 and December 1987. Lenny wrote the music for 17 out of the 28 songs on the three albums. He performed with Kesher across the USA until 1988 when Shlock Rock became a full time career.

Lenny formed Shlock Rock in 1986 and released the first album, entitled Learning is Good in January of that year. The group now has a rich history of successfully bringing people closer to their Jewish roots while having fun at the same time.

Lenny and Shlock Rock have performed over 2,000 concerts, with an average of over 100 shows annually from 1988-1996. Lenny has performed worldwide including in Australia, South Africa, England, Canada, Israel and over 40 US States. His music has been used in educational programming by all kinds of Jewish organizations across the religious spectrum.


Etan G.Etan Goldman. Etan G has been with Shlock Rock since 1986. He brings "Jewish Pride", in it's raw energetic form to Shlock Rock. Growing up in Baltimore, MD, music, rhythm and rhyme coursed through his veins and Lenny and many others saw a big talent that needed molding. He became a featured performer at many of the events that Shlock Rock played. After learning in Israel, Etan got his B.A. in Psychology from Yeshiva University and then in 1993 he moves to L.A.and obtained a masters in General Education. Etan G has wowed audiences, worldwide, with his dancing and rapping skills, as well as his high-energy antics that keep every Shlock show exciting and fresh. His album credits include co-writing Achashverosh and Wash This Way in the Early years and performing and co-writing Be Good Be Cool Be Jewish and Making Hamotzie. Etan is currently working on his first solo hip-hop album entitled Etan G - The Jewish Rapper: South Side of the Synagogue. He has been writing music and lyrics for T.V. and movies and has performed on the Chabad telethon as well as The Howard Stern Show. He hopes never to grow up and get a real job.

Rami StrosbergRami Strosberg - Saxophone. Originally from Schenectady, NY, Rami debuted with Shlock Rock in 1997 as a 16 year old at concerts in Minnesota and St. Louis. He then went to learn in Israel where he joined Shlock Rock Israel for two years. While in Israel, Rami played Saxaphone on the song Recognize the Miracles which appears on Shlock Rock Meets The Prophets and is the title cut to the new video release Jewish Music Television. Now he rejoins Shlock Rock USA with his fresh exciting sound.
Mo ShapiroMo Shapiro-Guitar. Mo is one of the best guitarists in Jewish Rock 'n Roll today. He co-wrote and arranged two songs on Stories from the Holy Land and played guitar on that album, Mikdash and Woodshlock. Mo has his own band and plays shows in the New York area. He is about to release his first solo album.
Dave HirschDave Hirsch. Davejoined the band in 1992. Playing a plethora of instruments from bass guitar to tuba and violin, Dave has performed with both classical and big bands. His Klezmer band The Kleztraphobics tours the US on a regular basis.
Mark Infield.Mark Infield. An original Shlocker from 1986, Mark plays five instruments. He has sung on over 15 Shlock Rock albums and played drums on both Shlock Rock for Kids and the new Shlock Rock for Kids Sing Together.
Roy Weinberger.Roy Weinberger. Roy joined the band in 1993 and played drums on Woodshlock. He has been playing with a "Doors cover band" called Soft Parade, for the last 10 years. He lives in New York and loves Shlocking whenever the call comes.
Mike RothMike Roth-Drums. A New Jersey native, Mike's drumming is rock solid. He was the drummer on the Mikdash album and appears on stage with the band. Mike and family hope to move to Israel in the near future.